Setting up the Jubilee Greens

Using earthmoving plant on loan from the Council, donated plant and volunteer labour, the first green and ancillary works were all completed in 10 months

The first green was officially openend on 11th October 1952.

In 1979 Jubilee decided to install a Twif Dwarf blows green to replace the existing infested cooch on No 2 Green.

The first Twif green in North Queensland was installed at Mackay's Suburban Club, followed by Cardwell, the new Thuringowa club and then Jubilee.

Jubilee's green was planted using the same method as Thuringowa with 1 1/2 inches of the infested existing grass surface being cut off and replaced with top soil which was rolled in.

The work on this green was done by Don McAskill's Sewerage Contracting Company at no cost to the club, and his men and machinery were maingly used to do the work with the assistance of a few club members.

Once again Ted Smith was virtually in charge of the operation and did an excellent job levelling the green, planting the cuttings, holding down the grass with plastic mesh obtained from Mackay Suburban Club, as was the grass cuttings, and his care and attention was paramount in the quality of the green produced.

We had learned by experience and this time the soil was fumigated. Flick installed a tent five feet over the green, attaching to the ditch and pumping it full of gas to prevent any weeds from growing. The green as kept wet and six weeks later was played on.

Don McAskill also sucessfully negotiated with the Townsville City Council to obtain a small area of neighbouring parkland to construct a bar to service Number 2 green. The green was officially opened by Mayor Perc Tucker on 25th March 1979.