Foundation members

"Two men saw a need for new bowls club"

The Jubilee Bowls Club started way back in 1951 when two men of considerable vision saw the need for another bowls club in the expanding western suburbs. At the time there was already clubs in Townsville, North Ward, Cutheringa and Suburban in Hermit Park. But it quickly became apparent that their was great interest in a new club, and in October of 1952, the Jubilee Bowls Club officially opened.

Foundation Members of the Jubilee Bowls Club

 Alderson C

 Coxon R J

 Looper C

 Rowe M K

 Ballard L

 Davis J

 Martin P K

 Sampson H

 Baxter E J

 DeCourcey W

 McCann G

 Schmid A

 Bennet G

 Dennistein A

 McCann R

 Simpson B

 Bennet J

 Doig G

 McKay J

 Smith A M

 Bower A

 Elcoate J E

 McMahon S

 Smith G

 Burdell W

 Eldridge L

 Moore A

 Swaffield L

 Burge G

 Eldridge W A

 Mungana L

 Talbot C

 Burton W A

 Farelly L

 Needham A

 Thomas G H

 Camp E

 Fry A

 Needham A T

 Thomas J

 Carey K

 Garbutt G J

 Norrie W D

 Walker J W

 Casey D

 Glaze E

 Parker H E

 Wallace A

 Chadwick W J

 Harling E

 Payne W

 Waller J

 Chambers L

 Hern W J

 Peiniger D

 Watson M J

 Clark E V

 Hurlock F

 Pollock A O

 Welington H A

 Clark G

 Kepper C

 Price A

 Wilson R J

 Conn W

 Lean J

 Price R

 Withnall G W

 Cosk J P

 Lear G

 Roebuck V E