The early years

"These men laboured with unremitting zeal until the goal of their ambitions was realised, and, gentlemen, you and I are enjoying the results of their efforts"

The dedication of our earliest members, the men, and later the women, and their commitment to the Jubilee Bowls Club has made it what it is today.

If it had not been for the foresight of Gordon Smith and Bill Norrie, the popular acceptance of their idea for a new bowls club, the extraordinary effort put in by the first members to build their club, and the determination of later members to make it bigger and better, we would not be here today.

They will not be quickly forgotten

It is impossible to pay tribute to every individual, both man and woman, who has contributed significantly to the life of the Jubilee Bowls Club. However, from the annals of our history, some names stand out.

Alan Pollock - our first president

Alan was our first president, foundation member, patron, secretary for many years and life member. Alan and his wife, Glad, were wonderful stalwarts who did so much to make our club what it is today. Alan was Mr Jubilee. Always an active member of the club, he became partron in 1976. He was a great administrator with a knowledge of bowls sadly missed today. Alan was still playing bowls until only a few months before his death at the age of 90 in 1991.

Frank Lancashire - master bowler

Our most honoured master bowler, and we do not have room to record his outstanding performances in club championships, the Dunn Cup, Townsville and district competitions, inaugural Benson and Hedges Champion of Champions events in 1977. This was an Australia-wide championship. Frank was also man of the series in his State performance against NSW. He was indeed the little Master.

Les Newman - top skip

Les was one of the North's top bowlers during the halcyon days of bowls in the area. He played lead in Jubilee's fifth victory in the Dunn Cup in 1966. When we won it again in 1969 he played third, and eventually skipped the team in the years 1973, 1975, 1976 and in 1977.

Hollis Parker - club stalwart

Hollis was a foundation member, the construction supervisor of the clubhouse, bowler, club and NQ adminsitrator.

A number of people just missed out on becoming foundation members. Among them was Ron Lowrey and also past patron, Jim Jackson. Jim told us on many occasions that he was considered far too young and far too wild - by some.

Bill Norrie - hardworking member

Most people will remember Bill Norrie, a longstanding and hard working member. He was also a life member.

Albie and Phyllis Symes - humour and generosity

Then who will forget Albie Symes and his wife Phyllis, who were good workers for the club. They put on sponsored days, made baby cots for the Christmas raffle, as well as having socials at their home to support the club. When playing in a social game, if the skip requested Alby to change his hand, he did, changing it from his right hand to his left hand. We cannot print the stories regarding his false teeth!

Hughie Wyper - greenkeeper and club champion

Hughie Wyper was one of our early greenkeepers, club champion again and again, and an outstanding Queensland bowler. He led in our first Dunn Cup win in the year of 1957.

Stan McCarthy, Roger Cannon and Col Palmer

At AGM's for nigh on 50 years, Stan McCarthy and Roger Cannon moved motions for pensioners rates without success. Col Palmer, on the closing of AGM's, always said: "Mr Chairman, I have something to raise."