Jubilee Bowls Club

Our Club has an envious history in Townsville and we have been operating from our Burdekin Street facility in Mundingburra since 1951. We have maintained the facility and the playing surfaces through a strong committee with many dedicated people who have been committed to their sport, their club, and the wider community over a long period of time.

Our Club has around 200 members and we encourage players from a young age through to seniors to enjoy Jubilee Bowls Club. We promote junior competition in the region, and have hosted the North Queensland Junior Championships, as well as the state-wide ‘Schools Challenge’ – which was won by the North Queensland District – many of these games also being hosted by Jubilee Bowls Club.

Additionally, we hold numerous competitions and have regular social nights, where players can learn the art of lawn bowls, with the opportunity to go on and play at the highest level. This ensures that many people from all walks of life in our community are exposed to the game, necessitating the use of Jubilee’s facilities. Our Club has an all inclusive mantra, which allows activity and fitness for the elderly, and outdoor activities for school students, disadvantaged/disabled people, and the general community.

To allow these programmes and activites to continue, in 2014 Jubilee Bowls Club installed two new True Draw greens at a cost of $360,000 – the entire amount raised through the hard work of our members, past and present. The upgraded surface is be utilised by a wide demographic, including members, visitors and the wider community. GREENS GALLERY

The Jubilee Bowls Club Inc. Committee is progressive and this enthusiasm to maintain a first class facility for their members and the general community who access the club, is commendable.

Our Club is committed to maintaining the facility to high safety standards, ensuring comfort for all people whilst promoting the sport to all who live in and around Townsville.